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It has been three years since Microsoft first launched the ‘Teams’ platform in Microsoft 365. Within a very short time, the platform has become vital in schools, offices alike. With the help of community partners, Microsoft is taking their innovations to the next level. In these difficult times, Microsoft is striving to uphold their latest innovations to the customer. In their latest innovations in the ‘Microsoft Teams’, the software giant has truly stepped their game up. From ensuring versatile meeting experiences to protecting user data; Microsoft Teams is the way to go.

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The Main Idea

The idea of ‘Teams’ is to enable Firstline Workers. Assure comfortable hybrid work environments, mitigating any and all threats; just to name a few. Accordingly, Microsoft has enhanced its power platforms to make a more integrated software experience. Now, it is much easier to create and manage apps, visualize, and analyze data. Without even having to leave the meeting.

The current world thrives on data. Thus, Microsoft Teams has installed the Power BI app for Teams. Hence, it will be much easier to access and work with BI reports. Ultimately utilizing the data.

On the other hand, Teams will now allow third-party vendors to install their apps in the pre-meeting window. This will allow third-party apps to be a part of the meetings, for it to be utilized in an integrated fashion.

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If we are talking about ‘capacity’, we have Microsoft Teams Standard and Premium. This will allow high-quality meeting management tools to be at work.

If you are wondering about user safety and data protection, Microsoft Teams has you covered. With its state-of-the-art Data Loss Prevention tool. User data will be more secured than ever before.

From empowering Firstline Workers to discovering people and information easily, Microsoft Teams is surely creating the pathway into the next digital revolution.

You can read more in-depth information and news regarding Microsoft 365 here:


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