Pepsi Launches Driftwell2 min read

PepsiCo has always tried to engage with customers and consumers alike in unique ways. The brand has made a name for itself in applying diversified marketing and promotional strategies. These strategies focused on resonating better with their core target audience; youngsters and adventure seekers.

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We are familiar with Pepsi’s earlier potential innovations; one of the recent ones being Pepsi Café. Recently, PepsiCo has announced the launch of a new soft beverage named Driftwell. In case you are thinking that this drink will put you to sleep, you are absolutely right. 

On Monday, September 14, the company made its announcement regarding the new ‘enhanced’ water beverage. Pepsi’s newest beverage will help drinkers become relaxed as they gradually fall asleep.


The new drink, named Driftwell, contains L-theanine. This helps relieve people from stress, as well as anxiety. Furthermore, the drink helps to improve the mental functioning capacity of consumers. Essentially, Driftwell will serve as a liquified sleep-inducing catalyst, easing your sleep deprivation hassles.

The drink will contain 200 mg of L-theanine, along with an additional 10% of the daily magnesium value requirement. In the current times surrounding the global pandemic, this drink will serve as a wellness product. Pepsi wants to position the beverage in the minds of the consumers as a relief from the daily struggles with increasing stress and anxiety.

According to PepsiCo, the brand is confident about the timing of the launch. Driftwell is scheduled to launch in the final quarter of 2020. The idea for an “enhanced” water drink initially originated from an in-house incubation program designed by PepsiCo.

Speaking on the increasing rate of consumer demand for a wellness enhancement drink, Emily Silver, Vice President of Innovation & Capabilities of PepsiCo North America said,

I think we’re launching this at a time when there’s more consumer interest than there previously was, given everything that’s going on from a macro perspective.

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