Digital Marketing Award 2017: Best Long Form Video | Gold 22 min read

The very recent video content of Robi, for their mother’s day campaign can be considered as the appropriate approach for accomplishing a successful engagement. The very right approach considering the perfect time with appropriate strategic approach was the blend for the successful engagement approach. The content was awarded “Gold” status in the first “Digital Marketing Award” organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum, which speaks of the success itself.

The video shows an unscripted conversation between an interviewer and a couple of daughters. However, while the women talked they had no clue that their own mothers were sitting just a couple of feet away from them hidden by a curtain, listening to them. This by the end has managed to create a huge emotional appeal to viewers. Watch the video here:

The strategic approach was delivering a message which pitches in to a large number of right people, with an association to emotions. The message left by the content creates a very intense drive amongst us, which at the very end turns out to be a strong engagement strategy. There are two dots at play in this case: the first dot is to deliver a message and the second dot is to create intrigue through that message. Moreover, when Robi as a platform becomes the mode of communication, the likelihood for engagement always gets increased.

The content is all about delivering strong message to all those children who left their mother for old age homes. The first phase of the video projected how strong our mothers’ love can be, penetrating the very core of the audiences’ minds, and the end phase comes with a question which is basically the message, eventually creating a strong drive.

The strategic marketing approach defines much about the accomplishment of this content. Mother’s Day is a very special occasion, all around the globe. Though considering the factor that it’s been very common over decades for making an approach on this occasion, a strategic approach allows things to go out of the box.

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