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As they say, for Bangladesh Cricket is not just a sport but an event that unites us all reflecting the Bangladeshi in us.  Hence, the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 is undoubtedly the event that we all were waiting for. There are also plenty of brands and advertisers that tried to sing along with the fans with their campaigns, banking upon the popularity of the sport. With the World Cup waiting to leave the station for another four years, let’s have a round up trip to our list of top 5 brand campaigns that hit the sixes!

  1. Khelbe Tiger, Jitbe Tiger-Official Theme Song | Lifebuoy Bangladesh

The title of the campaign speaks it all. You are a cricket fan and followed all the games of Bangladesh and you haven’t used the line for once- it’s really hard to believe. The campaign and its effect were so viral that it was impossible to look around.

So, undoubtedly the most buzzing campaign from the official title sponsor of Bangladesh Cricket Board-Lifebuoy has snatched our Top Spot for this World Cup Campaign list. Why not you have a look at the campaign once again, it speaks everything about that game and our beloved team.

Also, BCB and Lifebuoy came up with a very catchy official theme song for the event.

  1. Stop Bullying Our Tigers | MOJO

Mojo tried something different for this year’s world cup. The brand tried to put a stop to a common yet sad truth- Bullying the players at their lowest. We often claim to be there always with our tigers regardless of the result of the match. But somehow, most of the times we forget that whenever our tigers face a defeat, it’s them who feel it first, not us the supporters.

For instance, Tamim had a bad time with the bat in this year’s world cup campaign, but thanks to us fans he isn’t going to forget it soon! Who knows, you might be one of them who also made fun of him through your Facebook account or page.


An attempt to refrain the fans from all these bullying, the brilliant campaign from Mojo has made it to our top list. Hopefully, we will see more brands coming forward next time to spread such positive notes among the fans. As, let’s face it- Brands have voices that the audience listen to, then why not use it for a better cause!

  1. Searching for The Craziest 11 | Speed Energy Drink

Bangladesh has always been praised by the world for being a crazy cricket loving nation. The campaign from Speed Energy Drinks was all about this crazy cricket loving nation and how this game of sport unites the whole country in one place regardless of all the demographics. Really, we don’t keep any stone untouched, when it comes to support our tigers.

Keeping that in mind, Speed Energy Drink is on a hunt to find the craziest 11 fans of our cricket. Are you one of them?

  1. TVS Bangladesh –Proud Carrier of Bangladeshi Cricket Fans

How could someone enjoy a game, if they have none to high five, hug, and cheer with during a game? Like the game, enjoying it also requires a team. Almost everyone was a part of such teams during those crazy early days. But due to the rule of life, most of us often get smashed away from those magic moments with all the ruthless busy schedules.

With this concept, TVS Bangladesh came up with a story saying be together with your pals and enjoy the moments.

Although the execution could have been a bit better, but the campaign has surely managed to hit the nostalgia popping right up in your mind!

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  1. Cholo Bangladesh| Grameenphone

Composed by Fuad-Al-Muqtadir-the prominent musician of Bangladesh, the second edition of Grameenphone’s “Cholo Bangladesh” fan song has grabbed the audience attention as well. Many might argue that the previous version was better than this one, but the brilliant execution and smart lyrics has surely done its part and fueled the spirit of youth and excitement of the game among all of us.


Well, that’s a wrap. These are the top 5 campaigns that has scored the highest according to us in this edition of cricket world cup. Kudos to the brands for such concepts and their agencies for giving it the result it deserved.

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Speaking of agencies, one prominent marketing agency of Bangladesh- MACOMM has done something special for our tigers as well. Let’s have a look.


#TillTheLastBall- MACOMM

Throughout the whole world cup, we showered our tigers with all the best wishes through our social platforms and what not. Why? As Cricket in Bangladesh is not just a game, it’s a feeling that reunites the whole nation.

To express this feeling of sheer love and support, MACOMM has delivered a very special gift box to our tigers during the world cup. What was in that box? 5000 hand written letters of hope, support and inspiration from the supporters of Bangladesh cricket.

Have a look:


For a moment just think yourself as a cricketer of Bangladesh who is trying to give his best to make it happen for the country and its people- and suddenly you receive an envelope from one of those people saying they are always with you! How would you feel? Amazing, right?

So, that’s all from us for this years edition of World Cup Cricket. Hope you all have an amazing one and don’t forget to let us know which one of the campaigns have attracted you the most!

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