TikTok Lacks In Security Concerns, US Investors To Rescue2 min read

To begin with, the Chinese short film platform TikTok is now facing close scrutiny and risks. Even though it is home to some of its most popular content creators but the app may find a lifeline there.

Meanwhile, the news reports that ByteDance is considering purchasing the subsidiary company to gain control of the platform. Not to.mention, the move can ease some concerns among governments. In the same vein, users may get safety from TikTok handing user data over to Chinese authorities.

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Time To Pay A Serious Attention On TikTok

Under the circumstances, a US purchase of TikTok might separate it from its original parent firm. To clarify, this could make a lot of sense for the platform. In the meantime, it already has some 1,400 employees in the US. Moreover, Axios reports that the company intends to hire 10,000 more people in engineering, sales. Alongside that, content moderation and customer service across California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Tennessee.

At this instant, Cybersecurity firm Check Point found flaws that could allow hackers to take control of TikTok accounts. Further, manipulate the content, upload, and delete videos. Moreover, reveal personal information such as a private email address.
Especially, it came amid heightened scrutiny of the Chinese-owned platform. The findings adding fuel to arguments. In particular, from the U.S. politicians.

In fact, experts found a vulnerability in a TikTok web domain which allowed attackers to insert malicious code. This was used to retrieve the personal information of users. To sum up, Tiktok is going through a roller-coaster ride at the moment.

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