“The Surprise by Evaly starring Tahsan & Mithila”- A Markedium Take4 min read

On Wednesday (May 12) night, Tahsan wrote on his verified page that there will be a “surprise” for fans on Saturday night. In response, Mithila immediately wrote on her verified page, “Really!!? Waiting for the surprise.” However, on Friday night, finally, Evaly revealed their most hyped surprise and announced that the former celebrity couple would appear live on Facebook Live at 9:00 pm on Saturday.

And my words, what a masterstroke it was by Evaly! Let’s have a quick overview of the most anticipated campaign:

  • The surprise

We all know about the recent story of the former celebrity couple. Hence, such communication like the statuses involving the two former partners addressing each other made the audience talk about the “Surprise”. And, when the project got finally revealed, it was indeed a sheer surprise for all of us. Who would think that any brand could combine the former power couple for such communication?

Now, the major surprise was the program execution itself. We believe, most of the audience pool thought that the program would be a spiced-up event involving the personal issues of the former couple. However, it wasn’t the case.  It was all about spreading a positive vibe. In other words, a play to gain positive note from the audience for Evaly.

  • Introducing Mithila As a Part of The Brand

Another main agenda of the event was to introduce Mithila as the face of Evaly Lifestyle. This was another surprising move from the brand in making the two former partners work together. Such a bold move! Who would have thought that?

  • The cyclone Effect

All that hype created by the combination of Tahsan and Mithila worked like a charm for Evaly’s Weekly Cyclone Arrangement. Several unofficial sources suggested that the event has gathered up more than 1000 crores in pre-orders.


For those of you, who haven’t watched the live yet, here you go!

Some Key Observations

It’s quite evident by now that the campaign has generated a massive response among the audience which has made us take a deeper look at the campaign itself. Here are some of our notable observations from the campaign.

First, Goals are achieved. This campaign was really by far the best we have seen from Evaly. Whether the goal was to create engagement or sales or positive vibes, Evaly achieved all of them with one shot.

During the live event, it had 48k+ live viewers with around 50K+ comments. The two-part of the live has now crossed the 2.2 million views mark combinedly. So, attracting attention and audience engagement are achieved brilliantly.

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Secondly, the comment section is full of positive notes and comments. However, the in-conversation incentive by Tahsan and Mithila to generate positive engagements had a part to play here. Regardless of that, it’s quite hard to match the incentives with the audience’s expectations to generate such positive vibes. So, we can give a fair share of credit to the event itself for the generated positive consumer interaction.

But, one thing is to note that if a brand can provide appropriate incentives from a trusted source, it can also control the audience reaction to some extent. Kudos to Evaly for that.

Third and finally, the campaign itself is going to be a Steller example for the other brands on how to take a controversial topic and turn it into a valuable campaign asset to engage the audience for the future. Mocking or just connecting a controversial or hot topic to create engagement should not be the only way. A huge round of applauds to the brains of Evaly behind the campaign.

So, this was our take on the widely hyped campaign from Evaly. What is your thought on this? Let us know and for more updates, be with Markedium.

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