The Era Of Internet Explorer Has Finally Come To An End2 min read

Internet Explorer; the first web browser that we ever used. Even if that was not the case for some of you, it was at least your last resort. Well, at least it was mine. Known as the father of all web browsers, Explorer slowly started fading in the early 2010s. Recently, Microsoft has finally decided to kill Internet Explorer through a phase-out process.

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The phasing out of Internet Explorer will continue from November 30th, 2020 to August 17th, 2021. Internet Explorer swept the world by storm after being launched in 1995. Back then it was the primary mode of connecting to the worldwide web. It reached its very peak back in 2003 when it attained a market share of 95%. But, by 2010, the downfall of Explorer began. Initially, Apple took away Microsoft’s customers as the market started to get saturated. Later on, current market leaders, Firefox, and Chrome surpassed the exceedingly slow speed of Explorer. In the meantime, Microsoft focused more on Cloud Computing, and sales of the new Xboxes, Surface. Oh, they also started selling really, really big earbuds.



This latest move by Microsoft came about for a number of reasons. Primarily, Microsoft hopes to substitute Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge. Secondly, Microsoft hopes to brand and commercialize Microsoft Teams in full swing. In the meantime, Microsoft 365 will continue its services with Explorer until its phasing out ends on August 17, 2021.

In their latest blog post, Microsoft also informed of the Edge Legacy. This alternate version of Microsoft Edge will also be put out of its misery on March 9. But, the key point to focus upon currently is the functionality of Microsoft Edge. The latest face of Microsoft owned web browsers is not entirely an in-house product. It uses Google Chrome-developed open-source Chromium software. Thus, Microsoft’s brand cannibalization of Explorer is a strategic move for its future developments.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft putting Internet Explorer to its grave?

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