Government Targets Full Paperless Services by 2041 for Smart Bangladesh2 min read

The government has unveiled an ambitious plan to transition all its services to a completely paperless format by 2041 as part of the “Smart Bangladesh” vision. This initiative aims to harness cutting-edge technologies to modernize governance and improve service delivery across the country. According to an official announcement presented in Parliament, the government’s goal is to achieve 100% paperless, streamlined, and personalized services. Central to this transformation is the implementation of the Smart Bangladesh Stack, a digital infrastructure framework designed to make all government services accessible and interoperable.

Key components of the initiative include the introduction of data-driven AI-based dashboards for ministries and departments to enhance decision-making processes. By leveraging advanced technologies, the government aims to significantly enhance its standing in the UN e-Government Development Index, targeting a rank below 50 by 2041. The initiative also seeks to boost the tax-GDP ratio to at least 22% through technological advancements and ensure universal, high-quality healthcare for all citizens, reinforcing the government’s commitment to comprehensive social welfare.

A strategic focus of the Smart Bangladesh initiative is to position the country as an innovation hub by nurturing the next generation of freelancers, CMSME entrepreneurs, and startup founders. The “One Family, One SEED” initiative aims to provide Smart Employment and Entrepreneurship Development (SEED) opportunities to at least one member of every family by 2041, fostering a robust culture of entrepreneurship nationwide.

Additionally, initiatives like the “Her Power Project” are empowering women across Bangladesh with IT training, and the Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA) project is providing training and financial support to young entrepreneurs. In a move towards decentralized innovation, the government is establishing the Smart Bangladesh Launchpad as a venture studio to support new business ventures and startups. Furthermore, Startup Bangladesh Limited Company, a venture capital firm, has been set up to invest in startups and influence national-level policy formulation.

Under the Mission Government Brain (G-Brain), several AI-powered initiatives are underway, including Personalized Learning, InvestorGPT, LawGPT, HealthGPT, and ClimateGPT, aimed at integrating AI across sectors for improved efficiency and service delivery. To facilitate smart governance, the government has implemented initiatives such as the Government Email Policy 2018 and the integration of over 18,000 government offices into a unified network. Efforts to adopt e-signature technology without dongles are also progressing, with hundreds of officers already using e-signatures through the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC).

The government’s commitment to achieving a fully paperless administration by 2041 underscores its dedication to modernizing governance and enhancing service accessibility for all citizens of Bangladesh. For further updates on the Smart Bangladesh initiative and its implementation milestones, stakeholders are encouraged to follow developments closely as the country continues its journey towards a digitally transformed future.

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