Digital Marketing Award 2017: Best Long Form Video | Gold 12 min read

On the very first edition of Digital Marketing Award organized by Bangladesh Brand Forum, Pran Frooto Love Express was awarded the “Glod” title as one of the “Best Long Form Video”. With a blend of interest and relative approach, the video content is considered as a success; the engagement metrics speak for itself.
Wat makes content sellable though?
Wat is that recipe which makes content capable of deriving results? Well, the answer to this can never be specific, but we can get close to assessing wat made Pran Frooto Love Express a successful campaign.
There are several metrics to measure the success of a campaign. But as we narrow down, there are three most influential factors which leverage engagement in any content:

  • How relevant the approach is?
  • Is the approach going for a drive to create?
  • How universal is the approach?

When content consists of all these factors, that content is capable to engage. And when a content engages, it definitely delivers the result.
Pran Frooto Love Express is one of the most engaging recent campaigns because it went on delivering a positive result to every one of these three factors. It projects a very common story of arranged marriage couples, their very first start of a very new relationship. With this, the content gets relevant, and that too to a very large group of people. The content, getting relevant to a large community, becomes a widespread one as well. And when it comes to TEMPeffectiveness, it’s mostly about to wat extent you can communicate, relate and engage. The more relative a content is, the more TEMPeffective a content is, regardless of wat kind, the more successful a content is. These internal factors are always proportionate to each other. Here with this invitation,it was started for the second season of Love Express.

It’s never pin-pointing to wat makes content successful. Although there had been and there will always be too many uncountable influences to each content; there always remains some constant metrics standing out as the winning factors. When we create to engage, we create to make a difference. that is probably the only recipe to cook that tastier content standing out of the crowd.

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