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Bangladesh is on the brink of a digital revolution. Online businesses are one of them, if not the most prominent form of business that is establishing themselves in the country. Regardless if you are just starting your online business or a mainstay on the e-commerce industry, it is crucial to define the right target market for your business. A few sets of tips can lay the ideal groundwork for your e-commerce journey.

It is very important to define the targeted audience to your website, who are the best fit for your industry. The main objective is to generate organic traffic your website or e-commerce platform and make the customers interested so that they keep on coming back.

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Defining your target market for your business needs proper market research, understanding of the market trends, and offering the right services for the customers. In today’s digital online marketing, there are multiple tools that aid service providers and business owners alike with relevant information to define the right customer base. Starting from traffic metrics, lead generation, to who is visiting your website; these tools, in short, make your life much easier.

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Thus, the first priority is to understand the right customer base and analyze who are the potential customers, who are interested, and who are, well, just not interested.

Here are 5 essential tips to help you set the target market you need:

  1. Current Customers Are The Top Priority

Your current customers already know your services and offerings. They have already availed your services and products and thus, have better knowledge than a potential customer you want to secure. Therefore, it is imperative that you give special emphasis on your current (retained) customers. Emails, post-sale services, surveys, etc. can give you a quantitative as well as a qualitative understanding of the sectors to improve on.

  1. Competitor Analysis

In the world of business, especially related to digital marketing or e-commerce, knowing your competitors is a must. Who they are marketing to, their offerings, their strengths, and weaknesses are some of the mandatory information you need to stay in the market. One key aspect when it comes to the competitors is to know who they are marketing to and to do the exact opposite.

  1. Proper Segmentation & Targeting

Selecting the right demographics and psychographics is crucial for your e-commerce business. To define your core audience, it is extremely important for you to understand the age, gender and socio-economic class for your demographic. On the other hand, psychographics includes their personal values, interests and hobbies, emotions, preference and tastes.

  1. Decision Evaluation

Once you have selected your target market, evaluate your decisions. Identify any points that you might have missed out or something you should integrate. Understand the trend and patterns in the market to identify exactly what your consumer base seeks, and provide your services accordingly.

  1. Evaluation Study Metrics

Once you have evaluated the customer base, conduct surveys and feedback support from the consumers. This will give you a better understanding of the needs and demands, and help you make them buy from you repeatedly.

Study metrics are essential not only to secure new customers but also create a hub of a loyal customer base.

E-commerce is an ever progressing and continual industry. It is imperative that e-commerce service providers keep on innovating and tweaking their services.  The aforementioned tips will give you the right groundwork to define your ideal target market.

Let us know if we have missed anything out!

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