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Online shopping is a way to shop for multiple items or compare the rates of service providers from the comfort of home or on a personal mobile device. At present, the world is moving towards online purchasing. And more retailers are moving to an e-commerce-based business. Consumers can now browse through various websites and find the desired products at optimal prices. The idea of having products delivered at the door-step is saving time in the new-age busy world.

Besides, customers can shop at their convenience and ease. The benefit of online shopping is that it saves time. Because there is no need to travel to a physical store. Some customers save money as well when the cost of an internet or data plan is more convenient than traveling to a store.

online shopping taglr

However, shopping online can be misleading and frustrating. Whenever buyers type the appropriate keywords in a search engine, there is a strong possibility to get many unwanted responses. Every customer desires for the ideal match of their search items. The biggest problem while buying things online is that you have no guarantee of a product’s quality. Reviews are not always reliable and all the research can’t assure you of a product’s quality.

Sometimes it happens that you’ve closed a great deal on a product and when you are purchasing it you noticed an additional shipping charge. This is commonplace on all e-commerce sites when your order amount is not high enough to qualify for free shipping. Since you have no idea of the product’s quality until you hold it in your hands, returning things bought online is quite common.

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E-commerce sites record important customer data like name, phone number, address, and bank details. As a result, customer information might put in the wrong hands which is undoubtedly hazardous. I know I am telling you nothing new as these common problems are also visible in Bangladesh. However,

Did you ever wonder about having an exclusive shopping tool that will assist you in secured online shopping? 

online shopping

Well, this is what Taglr will do for you. Taglr is the first Indian search engine that allows customers to browse around 0.8+ million products over 100+ websites. In addition, Taglr also helps customers to compare the prices across different sites and choose their value for money. On the other hand, Taglr also supports new e-commerce businesses to get drive purchases by engaging customers on their websites. In short, Taglr is the middleman between buyers and online sellers. They make sure to eliminate all of the above mentioned online shopping problems. Thus, the customer gets the desired product from an authentic seller. Taglr aims to keep your wardrobe fill out with your favorite clothes within your budget.

The company did thorough market research and developments in AI and ML. As a result, it brings comfort to customers who otherwise had to browse through different websites to buy the best product. So, it is saving you precious time. Just a single click on the product takes the customers to the landing page where they can make a direct purchase.

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