GoZayaan Unveils New Look3 min read

GoZayaan, the travel-tech startup, has announced a completely new brand look for the company in an exciting effort to revamp the brand.
The rebranding was announced on 27th February, 2022. The new brand identity is said to represent constant innovation and growth- which has been the key objective of GoZayaan since the very beginning of its journey.

A traveler is always on the lookout for new experiences and adventures. Bringing the convenience of an entirely automated travel booking experience on a single platform for travelers was the first mission of GoZayaan. However, in an ever changing industry, one cannot remain stagnant. The company has been working tirelessly to bring innovation to the constantly changing travel scene, ensuring utmost convenience for travelers in every step. With this in mind, the rebranding has taken place. The new identity is inspired by efforts to continuously explore and innovate the world of travel. In tandem with the momentum, the brand will keep providing the latest tech led solutions for the travelers of tomorrow. Just as travel never stops, this new identity implies that innovation will never stop for GoZayaan.

GoZayaan began its journey 4 years ago by providing only international flight tickets. Soon the company realized the need for hotel bookings and bus tickets. So it adapted again and again to adjust itself to the constantly changing ecosystem that exists in the world of tourism. The company has put in endless efforts to ensure utmost convenience to solve the never-ending problems in the industry. In every step, GoZayaan has come up with continuous tech-led solutions to deal with each and every complication. The new logo is designed with the theme of constant innovation in mind. The bird represents curiosity that drives one to explore – much like GoZayaan itself, no matter how many adversities a bird may face, it fids a way to rise higher. In an industry that is perpetually moving, GoZayaan was able to adapt and establish itself as a capable player during trying times, dodging every difficulty. The company has always known how to move forward and work dynamically, just like the curious bird in the logo looking forward. The modern traveler will change everyday, but  GoZayaan will always step up with their innovations and change their platform with the times.

GoZayaan CMO Imamul Islam explained the rebranding saying, “As a company we have always tried to put ourselves in the shoes of the traveler. We empathize and grow with them. This is why we know what the traveler might need now and in the future. Empowering the traveler with the ability to choose his own journey is our key mission. With the vision of constant innovation in mind, we have built a new outlook for our brand.”

Understanding the potential this industry holds, GoZayaan knows that this is where their story lies. To fulfill this narrative the company is driven to improve everyday. Inspired by those who explore, it is working tirelessly to provide travelers with the best experience possible. GoZayaan wants to redefine the way travel is seen now by shifting to a tech-enabled approach. This rebrand holds the promise that as travel continues to evolve, So will GoZayaan.

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