Facebook Won’t Take Any Shares from Creators Until 20232 min read

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. have turned out to be an excellent income source for many in recent years. Sharing content in the form of live streams, informational and entertaining videos, and many more have allowed the growth of a vast community of content creators.

However, many such sites typically take a cut from their revenue. Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement makes Facebook quite the exception in this regard.

Making Content Creation More Rewarding

The billion-dollar social media platform has recently decided to abstain from taking revenue for content until 2023. Therefore, entertainers now have the rare privilege of accessing a platform that allows them to keep all profits. Facebook’s massive user base and engagement make it one of the most lucrative options with this strategy.

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Cut exemptions are applicable for online events, badges, and fan subscriptions. Zuckerberg also revealed that the same would be suitable for a news portal the brand is soon launching.

A Smart Strategy to Dominating the Competition

Content creators have no reason to worry about the future. Mark Zuckerberg also assured everyone that their revenue share would remain at least 30% lesser than their competitors. Therefore, the brand still stands a strong chance of staying the top choice among entertainers even after 2023.

The emergence of the pandemic has brought the attention of many towards earning online. However, many sites tend to take a significant chunk of their income through revenue sharing. Facebook’s latest decision ensures that its content creator community is bound to increase. With artists making up the majority of the most popular non-essential workers, the brand is well on its way to dominating the market. Facebook’s strategy is poised to transform it from a networking medium to a full-blown entertainment portal.

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s latest announcement? For more updates, visit Markedium!

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