Facebook Shares Advice to Prepare Advertisers for The Upcoming Apple iOS 14.54 min read

Apple has finally confirmed that it will start rolling out the new iOS 14.5 within the next few days and Facebook has already announced that advertisers can expect to see changes in Facebook’s business and advertising tools set up, audience selection, delivery, measurement, and reporting.

If you don’t know why Facebook is that much bothered with the new iOS 14.5, here is a recap:

The new iOS 14.5 is giving back the control of privacy to the users with the new changes to its IDFA user data tracking tools which will start requiring apps in the App Store to obtain permission to “track” users across apps and websites owned by third parties for advertising and measurement purposes. Apple named the new system – App Tracking Transparency, aka ATT.

A thunder strike against the whole Facebook business policy, isn’t it?

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Since the new era of Privacy Control is about to begin, Facebook has shared some last-minute precautionary must be taken steps for the advertisers through an official announcement post. According to the announcement, here are the advice given to the advertisers by Facebook:

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For the App Advertisers, here are the things you have to assure as soon as possible:

  • You must Set up your conversion schema in Events Manager to optimize for the App Events, Value, and Mobile App installs with Automated App Advertisements.
  • Plan to create iOS 14 app install campaigns with one ad account per app, nine campaigns per app, and five ad sets per campaign of the same optimization type.

For the Advertisers using Web Events, here are some main actions to take into account immediately:

  • If required, verify your domain in Facebook Business Manager.
  • Set up and prioritize up to eight web events per domain in Events Manager.
  • Review ads and ad sets that will be paused via the Resource Center tab in Facebook Ads Manager and update or replace them.

Failure in taking necessary steps regarding the above-mentioned actions might result in the followings:

  • Inability to create a mobile app install ad campaigns targeting users on iOS 14.5 and above.
  • Limited access to certain optimization choices and the pause of certain ad sets.
  • Ad performance impact as delivery to users on iOS 14.5 and above may decline for certain ad sets.

Facebook has also mentioned that advertisers will see several new updates and changes due to the new iOS 14.5 which includes:

  • There will be no 28-day click-through, 28-day view-through, and 7-day-view through attribution windows for campaigns.
  • There will be a limit of 8 websites that can be used for optimization.
  • The removal of Lift Measurement for iOS 14 Mobile App Install and Mobile App Events campaigns.
  • Advertisers will have to create separate iOS 14 app install campaigns with one ad account per app, nine campaigns per app, and five ad sets per campaign of the same optimization type
  • The removal of Mobile app custom audiences for inclusion.
  • The removal of the ability to provide a link that sends people to a custom view after they install an app.
  • iOS 14 app install campaigns are not available for Reach and Frequency buying.

You can read more about the specifics on each here.

So, it’s quite evident that the new iOS 14.5 has a broad range of impacts on the way Facebook has operated ad campaigns till now. However, Facebook has mentioned that it’s going to publish an update when there is enough data available and they are working to introduce new systems and updates to help advertisers with the big changes that are about to take place with the new iOS 14.5.

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