Bangladesh Internet User Base Surges by 1 Million in August2 min read

In August, Bangladesh experienced a notable increase in its internet user population, primarily driven by the growth of its mobile subscriber network. Data from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) reveals that the total number of internet subscribers has now reached a remarkable 131.9 million. This trend is particularly noteworthy as, in July, the number of internet subscribers exceeded 130 million for the first time in the nation’s history.

This marks the seventh consecutive month of internet subscriber base growth since February. It has been predominantly fueled by the rising number of mobile internet users, which continued to increase in August. Presently, mobile internet users account for a substantial 90.79% of the total internet subscriber base, reaching 119.7 million. Officials attribute this remarkable growth to the surging popularity of diverse digital services extending beyond social media. This shift underscores a significant transformation in consumer preferences and the evolving dynamics of the telecommunications industry, resulting in a notable expansion of the subscriber base.

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Mobile internet users have transitioned from primarily using services for social media and YouTube to embracing a wider array of digital offerings. Grameenphone’s focus is on expanding its network and launching innovative digital services to cater to evolving customer needs, with the goal of establishing a forward-looking data network. Meanwhile, the count of broadband internet subscribers held steady at 12.1 million in August, but it’s important to acknowledge that the BTRC reports on broadband subscribers quarterly, making it uncertain whether the count increased or decreased during that time frame.

The industry faces certain challenges, including the rising cost of equipment due to the expensive dollar, as the majority of the industry relies on imported equipment. Additionally, some consumers are cutting back on internet expenses due to decreased purchasing power. Despite these challenges, it is difficult to ascertain the exact number of individuals using the internet, as many people use multiple SIM cards.

According to data from the Bangladesh Sample Vital Statistics project, which is run by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, an impressive 41 percent of people in the country aged five and above are now active internet users. This statistic further underscores the widespread adoption of digital connectivity in Bangladesh and the country’s growing reliance on the Internet for various aspects of daily life.

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