Study Shows Bangladesh’s Mobile Internet 73% Slower Than India2 min read

Bangladesh’s position in the Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index has declined, falling from its previous rank of 76th to 82nd among 121 nations. Nevertheless, there have been notable advancements in the country’s internet speed and affordability, as revealed by Surfshark’s 5th annual DQL index.

Bangladesh’s fixed internet speed averages 53 Mbps, slower than the global average of 56 Mbps. Mobile internet speed is 20 Mbps which lags behind many countries. In contrast, the UAE has the fastest mobile internet at 310 Mbps. Affording mobile internet in Bangladesh takes more effort, requiring 1 hour, 35 minutes, and 28 seconds per month, compared to Luxembourg, where it’s six times less.

Bangladesh’s e-infrastructure is ranked 84th globally, assessing internet penetration and network readiness. Internet penetration stands at 77%, ranking 77th. However, network readiness is a concern, ranked 87th. In e-security, Bangladesh dropped 10 places to 85th globally, reflecting its ability to counter cyber threats and data protection laws. In South Asia, it’s ahead of Pakistan (101st) but lags behind India (66th).

The nation also ranks 73rd in e-government services, indicating a digital infrastructure that’s below the global mean. Regionally, Bangladesh’s performance in the overall DQL Index falls behind India, which stands at 52nd but manages to surpass Pakistan, positioned at 93rd. In Asia, Bangladesh is at the 25th place, whereas Singapore leads the charge.

Compared to its neighbor, India, Bangladesh’s mobile internet is 73% slower, and its fixed broadband lags behind by 31%. Despite the decline in its overall ranking, Bangladesh has made significant strides in improving its internet speed and affordability. Mobile internet speed has improved by 41% since last year, and fixed broadband speed has increased by 23%. Additionally, the government has taken steps to make mobile internet more affordable, such as reducing the price of data packs.

Bangladesh’s performance in the DQL Index is below the global average, but the country has shown signs of improvement in recent years. By investing in its digital infrastructure and making internet more affordable and accessible, Bangladesh can accelerate its digital transformation and improve the quality of life for its citizens.

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