An Inspiration For Other Brands To Setting A Milestone For Local Startups | Taking A Deeper Look At The bKash, AFA Partnership5 min read

If you are an active social media user or even better if you are an Argentina fan, you are probably already feeling the utmost excitement of bKash- the market leader of our MFS industry, announcing the first and only regional sponsor of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) from Bangladesh.

Yes, people! Finally, a Bangladeshi brand made history and got associated with one of our favorite football teams. The collaboration between bKash and AFA has created a buzz in the market, and the discussions around the topic show no signs of slowing down.

So, naturally, it begs the question- Why?

We see collaborations from brands in Bangladesh every now and then, but why has this particular collaboration taken all the spotlight from last night?

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This article delves deep into the critical analysis of bKash’s partnership with AFA and its impact on Bangladesh’s brand image. It explores how this collaboration will enhance the reputation of Bangladesh and how bKash’s trustworthiness and global acceptance are further cemented by being associated with the world champions of football.

This historical partnership creates three specific spots of curiosity from our end-

  • What is the depth of impact on bKash’s brand image?
  • How this collaboration will lift up Bangladesh’s image globally through bKash?
  • And, finally, being the first and only unicorn in the country, what does this partnership mean for the local startup ecosystem?

Let’s take a deep dive!

The Depth of Impact on bKash’s Brand Image

The collaboration between bKash and AFA is a perfect example of how a brand can unite the passion of its customers with one of the most decorated footballing nations. Football is a universal language that transcends borders and cultures. By becoming a regional sponsor of AFA, bKash has aligned itself with the emotions of millions of Bangladeshi football supporters who will now feel a stronger connection with the Argentinian team.

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However, the impact of this collaboration is not just limited to the emotional connection between the two nations’ football lovers; it also puts bKash on the global stage as a trustworthy and reliable brand. It highlights bKash’s reputation and global acceptance as it’s pretty easily assumed that AFA’s research in the market for their partner found bKash as the perfect suitable representative of their Champion Image.

So, can we say- the World Champions partnered with the “Country’s Champion Brand”? By all means, we can!

Now, let’s see from another angle!

This opens up the gate for global scale advertising for bKash as well simply due to the star status and massive global fanbase of the Argentina National Football Team for the likes of global stars like Lionel Messi, Di Maria, etc. A small yet intriguing food for thought- we all saw and got fascinated by the LV campaign starring Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo during the FIFA World Cup 2022, right?

Now, think about a campaign from bKash starring Messi or Di Maria, feels exciting right? We don’t know when it will happen or will happen or not. But it surely opens the door.

It also puts bKash with global names like Amul, WANDA, Mashreq Banks, etc. which are also the regional partners of AFA. And not to mention, just like bKash pioneered the MFS industry in Bangladesh, it also pioneered the global sports partnership for the other giant brands in Bangladesh. It also serves as exhibit A for bKash’s potential to become a global brand.

Last but not least, it was a brilliant move in terms of retaining brand loyalty from bKash. Since there is a massive fanbase of the Argentina Football team in Bangladesh which was quite evident during last year’s world cup.

Uplifting Bangladesh

This collaboration stands as a milestone for Bangladesh as it represents the country’s brand image on the global stage. Just a simple thought- now a ‘Bangladeshi Brand’ is associated with a global sports giant which has a mammoth fanbase around the world.

This partnership has the potential to boost Bangladesh’s image and showcase its potential to the world.

If you think deep, the partnership also carries the opportunity to become more than just a sponsorship deal, it is a symbol of unity and solidarity between two countries and is an opportunity for Bangladesh to showcase its culture, values, and potential to the world.

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And well, we feel like the day is not far when we will see other giant brands from Bangladesh get associated with other global sports teams stating the possible entry of numerous Bangladeshi Brands announcing their entry to the global stage. All thanks to this one bold and strategic game changing move by bKash.

The Impact On Our Local Startup Ecosystem

This collaboration is a significant milestone for bKash and all other startups in Bangladesh. It is a route to achieving a better reputation for Bangladesh in the global arena. It sets an example of how a Bangladeshi locally maintained startup can have a significant impact on a global stage.

This move from the country’s only unicorn can inspire other Bangladeshi startups to think globally and pursue international collaborations. It is a recognition of Bangladesh’s potential to become a global startup hub just like it happened with India, thanks to its startup giants like Byju’s sponsoring grand events like the FIFA World Cup 2022.

So, if you are a startup founder, the sky is always the limit. Why? You can take bKash as exhibit A.

To sum up, the bKash and AFA collaboration is a win-win situation for both parties. It is a significant milestone for bKash and a boost to Bangladesh’s global image. This collaboration will help to unite football enthusiasts across Bangladesh and Argentina and strengthen the bond between the two nations. It is an excellent opportunity for bKash to showcase its brand values and promote its services to a wider audience.

The world champions of football chose bKash to collaborate with them, which speaks volumes about the trust and credibility of the brand. It is an example of how a local brand can make its mark on a global stage and uphold the reputation of its country.

So, what’s your thought on this historical collaboration? Let us know in the comments and for more updates, be with Markedium.

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