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Great things can happen when people move, whether across town or towards their dreams. When a new problem arises in the ride-sharing market Uber makes sure to solve it first. Thus, Uber came up with its new service Uber comfort.

Through November and December, many Americans experience stress at some stage on vacation tours. Maybe you have youngsters, perhaps you’re caught within the middle seat and perhaps you’ve got flight delays. And I know most of you are already visualizing the scene, not to mention those who already had such experience.

Well, a new experience from Uber Comfort acknowledges that sometimes traveling is uncomfortable. However, your Uber ride does not have to be. Hence, Uber will open the Comfort Club at Terminal 2 in Chicago O’Hare on January 3rd. Now you must be thinking,

Uber comfort Markedium

what is that all about? 

Then you must know, space will be open for economy travelers to relax and disentangle before their trips. In fact, travelers will get Uber comfort Kits package with an eye mask, woolly travel socks, and earplugs, as well as a promo code for Uber Comfort rides. Furthermore, the club will exhibit key features of Uber Comfort, such as spaces to chat, noise-canceling headphones for some peace, complimentary warm and cool beverages, and so on. All the services and product designs will be Uber merchandise.

Uber launched a short film to support the launching of Uber comfort, directed by Tool of North America’s Hal Kirkland. Watch:

Which took place in a plane filled with travelers who are happy to be flying, knowing that their Uber ride will provide them with a little extra comfort once they land and head to their final destination. there you will see middle seaters tolerating overcrowding, sneezing neighbors and unexpected air blasts. Besides that flickering reading lights and chatty travelers, they happened to find themselves sitting between. The spot further implants the messaging behind Uber Comfort, which is that it allows anyone to travel however they want.

So Relatable right? 

The design of the experiential space in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport brings Uber Comfort to life through comfortable decor. It implants a sense of relaxation as well as elements with various features such as temperature control, conversation preference and extra legroom.

Uber comfort Markedium

Now, Let’s look back into our country, shall we?

Does it ring a bell? Well, let me help you out.

When was the last time during Eid holidays or any other vacations you had on-time transportation? You hardly remember, do you? Flight delays, vehicles reaching late at the station is a pretty common scenario in Bangladesh. Due to the never-ending traffic jams and dense population people suffer a lot during long journeys. There are no hospitality services that can be seen in airports or other stations.

So, it is clearly visible that a service like Uber comfort can serve us big time. My question is,

Why didn’t any brand in Bangladesh get into this particular market? 

I think it would be a great opportunity for any brand or entrepreneurs. People are traveling every now and then. The upcoming year 2020 would be a great occasion to launch such a service in Bangladesh.

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