Savlon Hand Sanitizer Now Restricted For Harmful Chemicals1 min read

Meanwhile, government officials drew sanction over Savlon hand sanitizer along with Tk1cr fine. Especially, they gave an ultimatum to withdraw all Savlon hand sanitizers from the markets within 48 hours.

To illustrate, Executive Magistrate Sarwoer Alam led the operation on Sunday afternoon. Notably, the location was at an ACI depot in Mirpur area of Dhaka. In fact, they destroyed
all the hand sanitizers available there. Important to realize, the authority banned Savlon hand sanitizers because of using harmful methanol that can cause death.

“We had recently seized and destroyed a huge lot of Savlon hand sanitizer from ACI’s Gazipur factory, as they contained methanol in them.”

– Sarwoer Alam (Executive Magistrate)

Further, subsequent to getting data that more bunches were accessible in their Mirpur terminal, the portable court struck it. Not to mention, they found the presence of methanol in a few groups of the sanitizer.

Generally speaking, Hand sanitizers to prevent Covid-19 are solutions of a specific measure of hydrogen peroxide with ethanol. Coupled with, glycerine and cold bubbling water or isopropyl liquor (propanol) with different fixings.

Be that as it may, on the off chance when ethanol succeeds methanol, that gets deadly. An individual can experience the ill effects of vomiting, cerebral pain. Moreover, visual impairment, loss of consciousness. In fact, they can even go into coma. Therefore, Savlon’s hand sanitizer is hazardous undoubtedly.

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