Google Recasting Logos of Its Subsidiary Web Applications3 min read

At present, Gmail has another logo. Likewise, with various other Google items that we use throughout each and every day. These incorporate Calendar, Drive, Docs and Meet. To explain, all are getting new logos as a component of a rebranding the organization. As a matter of fact, it is essential for the company renaming GSuite to Google Workspace and carrying all applications under its parasol. With this in mind, to improve productivity and joint effort.

Let’s give a glance at how GChat, GMeet and others will look like in the coming days:


GMail getting Google’s center tones, envelope is no more

Right now, the tech giant is supplanting Gmail’s envelope logo. The new logo is presently a M made out of Google’s center image tones. To illustrate, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. It is supposed to be more in a state of harmony with the plan of other Google items. Be that as it may, the change is just in the logo, GMail isn’t getting any new component with it.

Google Calendar: Blue is the essential tone and ’31’ the number

Calendar is currently a square with Blue as the essential tone. The base right corner is wrinkled and at the middle is the number “31”.

Google Drive: Gets a scramble of red, has four shadings now

Very little change in Drive. It actually has the triangle with marginally adjusted edges. There is likewise run of red included other than the current three tones – Yellow, Blue and Green.

Google Keep: Dumps Square foundation

Google Keep is currently a piece of paper, the square foundation is no more. The light’s plan also is straightened.

Google Docs: Gets a rectangular shape

This one is a square shape with a wrinkled upper right corner, like Calendar’s. With respect to colors, it has all the four – Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

GMeet: Gets a camcorder

The GMeet symbol gets a camcorder symbol framed from essential shapes.

GChat: Only one tone – Green

Google Chat also is getting another symbol, and its all green. The tone is supposed to be reverence to Hangouts. Google’s all moment correspondence applications share this tone.

Google Voice: Gets a Green visit bubble

Google Voice symbol shows a telephone symbol out of the Dark Green visit bubble with a sign originating from it.

GSuite to be called Google Workspace

GSuite, Google’s endeavor centered set-up of applications, will presently be called Google Workspace. This isn’t the first occasion when the company is rebranding its undertaking applications suite. Moreover, GSuite was earlier called Google Apps and Apps for Your Domain. In this regard, the tech giant says, “the Workspace encapsulates our vision for a future where work is more adaptable, time is all the more valuable, and empowering more grounded human associations turns out to be much more significant. It’s a dream we’ve been working toward for over 10 years, and one we’re eager to rejuvenate along with you,” composed Javier Soltero, Google’s VP and senior supervisor of G Suite and now Workspace in a blog entry.

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