Do You Know About The Latest 3 Features Of Google Maps For Bangladesh?- Find Out!2 min read

For Bangladesh, Google Maps has added three latest features. For local users, some of these features were available. However, the official announcement came on 16th July. The regional officials of Google showcased these cool features in a press conference. Google has also added 50,000KM of roads, millions of buildings on Google Maps across Bangladesh.

So what are these new features? How are they unique? Will it be really helpful for the good people of Bangladesh?

Well, the thing is that if you are someone who rides on a motorcycle, then you will love one of these features. Why? Because it is a new navigation mode for motorcycle riders.

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The growth of motorcycles in Bangladesh is staggering, indeed. According to BRTA(Bangladesh Road Transport Authority), the growth of two-wheeler in this country is 200%. It’s not a surprise as the ride-sharing through two-wheeler has become insanely popular.

So what does this new navigation mode do? Before the new navigation mode was introduced, most riders needed to do a calculation in their mind in order to estimate their arrival times. They had to do it based on a couple of facts-  combination of walking and driving routes. However, with this new feature, riders can get a more accurate estimation of the arrival time based on machine learning models which reflect motorcycle speeds.

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Let’s not forget about the other features. Let’s talk about them too. Google Maps has also introduced ‘Set off-route alerts’ and  ‘Stay safer’ option. How will these features help you?

You can enable the ‘Set off-route alerts’ option after searching for your desired destination. If your car deviates more than 0.5km from the route(suggested by Google), your device will buzz and let you know that you are going in the wrong direction. You can also share your live trip with your family directly from that screen. That way, they will know you are off route. Furthermore, they will also be able to keep track of your journey.

So, are you excited about these latest three features from Google Maps for Bangladesh?

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