Bangladesh through our eyes – A Grameenphone Masterpiece!2 min read

On the occasion of 48th victory day of Bangladesh, Grameenphone tried to encourage each people to represent Bangladesh from their own stand through their new campaign.
Every brand wants to contribute to the patriotism of the culture now and then. Its good PR. Grameenphone feels no different, only they do it a bit better than the rest, as it seems. This Victory Day didn’t go unacknowledged as well and Grameenphone is back with another super emotionally connected campaign where they represent an ideal Bangladesh through our eyes. The campaign is already everyone’s topic of interest and we think the 48th Victory year couldn’t have been commemorated in a better way.
It’s a series of AVs that upholds certain issues in our society. Here, check out the first one if you haven’t already.

The ideas were pretty neat and simple. Kind of like a small step towards a bigger change. The first one of three talks about keeping our country clean. But don’t worry! You don’t need to clean up somebody else’s mess, you just need to make sure that you are not making any mess, that’s the idea.
Even as you read this article, the video has already been viewed more than 800k and shared 4.4k+. That’s quite impressive!

The second part brings an interesting factor in light. Why we are so careful when it comes down to our own electricity usage, but pay no heed at all while using the government-initiated power supply? It’s a fresh idea that we should give it a thought because at the end of the we live in this country too. Is it that much different from our home.
Till now (while the article is being written) this AV has received 80+comments, 300+ comments and got shared for 120k+ times.
Loving it yet? Check out the last one.

It’s a complicated blend of gender discrimination and provocation of traffic violation but executed perfectly, nonetheless. Published on December 16th (morning)- the AV has already received 13k+ views, 40+ shares and 40+ comments.
We as human, most of us have a problem. We often like to talk about the growth and going forward while standing still. All of the three scenarios might seem very small to one in terms of accumulated growth. But think about a future when everyone is treating Bangladesh with their own heart by following the rules or taking good care it of it by preventing wastage and pollution.

Amazing, isn’t it?

What Grameenphone did right with the concept was to make it look very simple and execute neatly. This way the message gets across the audience base pretty easily. Moreover, the powerful hashtag #AmiBangladesh speaks for itself and acts as a superb connecting point that would go on to give this campaign its own identity.
Do you have a recollection of any similar campaigns from any other brands that made an impact on you? Let us know!

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