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First, let’s take a pause and think about the number of contents, you were exposed to yesterday and how many of among them you actually remember today?

The number isn’t that great, is it? Hence, ad fatigue is a real thing. We, consumers, get exposed to thousands of contents each day and it’s becoming harder and harder for the brands to attract their desired consumers. So, what to do? The only way to acquire the customers within this short window is to create contents that matters or I say matches with them.

So in this “Smart Digital Content” segment, we are going to talk about brands operating in Bangladesh that are actually delivering their contents in their own creative way. And today we are going to talk about Madchef– A well-known burger (also other cuisines) chain of Bangladesh and we call them the “Mad Geniuses of Creative Contents”.

Let’s start the journey!

One thing we really like about Madchef is that they always connect their offerings with the ongoing trend in the country. Currently, “The Nun”- the horror film that is trending and you know what Madchef came up with for this?

“The Bun!” 😛

Madchef Cover-Markedium


The Bun_Madchef- Markedium

Also during the World Cup 2018, they had numerous connecting contents: Just look at the copy writing! Poor Harry!

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They also have made it to some level when they launched their very own delicious cheese overloaded burger “Cheezuz!” –well done with the name Madchef!

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They even celebrated Valentine’s Day in their own way!

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You have an offer for your customers? Make sure you made them feel like they have won it! A consumer, who feels like a winner, buys more!

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Last but not the least, you have a new place opening, here’s the message you deliver- most of us can relate to the line, right?

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Now let’s recap, what is Madchef actually doing? The examples given, clearly states that they just follow one simple rule- Make it trendy and humorous with great quality of graphical representation! And of course, their copywriters are pure genius. They know what to say and how to say! Seems like, Madchef understands their target group pretty well.

So, this was our take on Madchef.  Stay tuned to know about the next creative brand and don’t forget to let us know about your favorite brand with such creative contents.

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