OnePlus Z Keeps The Ball Rolling In Smartphone Industry2 min read

Back in 2013, when the smartphone industry was stagnating. A company imagined serving in a better way to produce smartphones. Without delay, that company became worth $1billion. Not to mention, there are already established smartphone brands dominating the market. That’s right! OnePlus created its own mark in the market at a good pace. Moreover, this company created a wave of products that can be affordable yet give cutting edge competition to other brands.

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With this in mind to balance high-end quality with a lower price than other phones in its class, this company is challenging other flagships in the market. Consequently, to keep the ball rolling this company launched OnePlus 8 and 8pro in the market earlier this year.

However, A company like OnePlus with the ideology to “Never Settle” can never stop sit back and stay away from the innovation. Therefore, The company founder and CEO Pete Lau already announced a teaser in Twitter, suggesting that ” “something new” is coming.

Does this indicate OnePlus Z?

Generally speaking, most of us already heard about the leaks of information and rumors about the next probable new release of this company. In contrast, nobody could validate any information to be fully authentic. Such as, what would be the name of the new device?  As a matter of fact, there are already three names floating in the air. These are:

  • OnePlus 8 Lite
  • OnePlus Z
  • OnePlus Nord

However, it’s interesting to see the use of a blue logo rather than the traditional white branding. Be that as it may, all our curiosity will fill out as soon as the retail packaging appears.

Furthermore,  some people are calling it OnePlus 8 Lite. The reason being it will come with a lower specs version of the OnePlus 8. On the other hand, The “Z” name appeared in March 2020. 

Meanwhile, The “Nord” name came from another Twitter leaker, Max J. In this case there’s a trademark that’s been filed for the Nord name too, suggesting that this might actually happen.

For more updates, Stay tuned to Markedium!

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