Introducing Multi Profiles on Facebook: Tailoring Your Digital Presence3 min read

Facebook is enhancing the user experience by offering the option of multiple personal profiles. Whether a user is new or a longtime member of Facebook, this feature provides the flexibility to maintain separate personal and professional circles, or perhaps one profile for a specific community and another just for friends.

This addition aims to simplify the organization of content sharing and content consumption, catering to various facets of a user’s life. For instance, a dedicated profile could cater to a user’s passion for the foodie community, while another keeps them connected with family and friends.

While Facebook already has mechanisms for users to determine their content-sharing audience, feedback from a year-long experimentation with multiple profiles revealed a preference for clearer organization. Users found that they could engage more effectively with the most relevant audiences when their groups, interests, and friends were distinctly categorized.

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With separate interest-based accounts seeing success on Instagram, Facebook is excited to offer this feature to its community. This feature begins its global rollout today and will continue to be available in the upcoming months.

How it Works

  • Users can opt for a name and an @username for up to four additional personal profiles.
  • They can then associate with specific individuals or groups, ensuring that each profile displays a unique Feed reflecting shared interests and content.GIF animation of how to add new personal profiles to your account
  • Seamless switching between profiles is enabled, with no need for separate logins.GIF animation of how to switch between your personal profiles

At its inception, certain Facebook features, such as Dating, Marketplace, Professional Mode, and payments, won’t be accessible for the new profiles. However, messaging will be supported within the Facebook app and its web version. Messenger support for these profiles is set to expand in the months ahead. Only eligible adult accounts can avail of the added personal profile feature.


On creation, each additional personal profile will adopt default settings, meaning settings from the main profile won’t extend to the new ones. Several settings, like who can view a profile’s posts or who can forward friend requests, are managed individually for each profile. Facebook encourages users to periodically review and adjust the privacy settings of each profile they create.

Notably, the main Facebook profile remains discreet and won’t display its linked additional profiles.

Authenticity and Responsibility

Facebook’s foundational policy on Account Integrity and Authentic Identity dictates that the primary profile should reflect the user’s everyday name. While any name can be picked for additional profiles, this freedom doesn’t extend to the main account. Facebook stands firm against impersonation and misrepresentation. Therefore, users should not utilize additional profiles to misrepresent any aspect of their identity.

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All profiles are bound to adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards. Users violating these standards, either recently or repetitively, will be denied the ability to create further profiles. Consistent violations across any profiles will lead to actions being taken against all linked profiles. For a comprehensive understanding of policies pertaining to additional personal profiles, users can refer to the platform’s dedicated section.

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