Introducing Google Pitch-The AI Powered Earphones for The Autism Victims1 min read

Google presents Google Pitch, the new gadget that will help children experiencing [simple_tooltip content=’Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication. ‘]Autism Spectrum Disorder[/simple_tooltip] with hypersensitivity to sound, to live their lives the most ideal way.


The new headphones utilize an AI fueled software to change sharp sound waves into symphonious frequencies, like those found in music, relaxing the range of sound and making it simpler for ASD children to interface with the world.

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Well, Google has done it again! How does it work? Have a look on Google Pitch :

Google Pitch – Here and now

Google presents #GooglePitch, the new device that will help children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder with hypersensitivity to sound, to live their lives the best possible way. The new earphones use an Ai powered software to transform sharp sound waves into harmonic frequencies, similar to those found in music, softening the spectrum of sound and making it easier for ASD children to interact with the world.#Experiential #UnitedStates #Electronics #Technology #Google #MiamiAdSchool Google

Geplaatst door Campaigns of the World op Maandag 5 augustus 2019

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Agency Details:

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Art Directors: Sofia Coelho, Valentina Orjuela
Copywriter: Patricia Arguelles

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