From Dawn to Dusk: A Day in the Life of a Cashless Bangladesh, Powered by bKash4 min read

Picture this: it’s the crack of dawn in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The azan, the Muslim call to prayer, echoes from the nearby mosque, rousing the city to life. As Bangladeshis awake to a new day, their wallets stay at home. This is the new reality of a cashless Bangladesh, a reality pioneered by the revolutionary mobile financial services (MFS) industry, with bKash standing tall as the harbinger of change.

From the moment the day begins, bKash is a constant companion. On the way to his office, Mr. Rahman stops at his favorite roadside cafe for a cup of coffee. He scans the café’s QR code with his bKash app and pays for his coffee. No cash changes hands. This is the reality of an economy that is moving from physical wallets to digital ones.

As the day progresses, bKash proves to be not just a tool, but a lifeline. Mr. Rahman’s wife, Mrs. Rahman, uses bKash to pay for her online purchases and to settle the bills from her local grocer, all from the comfort of her home. She also uses bKash’s “Request Money” feature to collect payments from her customers, as she runs a small handicraft business from her home.

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Meanwhile, at his office, Mr. Rahman uses bKash to transfer funds to his business partners and pay his employee- Rahima, a garment worker’s salary. He also pays his utility bills using the bKash app, saving him the trouble of standing in long queues. He even donates and pays his insurance premiums through bKash, a testament to the platform’s multifaceted functionality.

As the day ends and Mr. Rahman returns home, he uses bKash one last time to pay the Uber rider. The cycle comes full circle, and it dawns that an entire day has passed without needing a single taka in cash.

In the last 12 years, bKash, aka the MFS industry has managed to revolutionize the financial landscape of Bangladesh. From making small purchases at the local store to large business transactions, bKash which was founded in 2011 has made it a possibility to navigate daily life without physical cash. This has not only made lives easier but has also fostered financial inclusivity for the unbanked population.

bKash, as the pioneering force of the MFS industry in Bangladesh, has played a crucial role in this dramatic transformation. With over 65 million users, it has brought about a paradigm shift in the way the country deals with money. It has proven that a wallet-less existence is not only possible but also beneficial in many ways.

In the face of the future, bKash and the MFS industry stand as a testament to the incredible power of innovation and the resilience of the Bangladeshi people. A day without a wallet is no longer a cause for concern, but a reason to celebrate. Through the lens of bKash, we see a future where every transaction is a click away, and financial empowerment is a reality for everyone.

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The dawn of the digital finance era in Bangladesh brought about by bKash and the MFS industry is not just a shift in how money changes hands, it’s a transformation in the lives of millions, who, for the first time, have access to secure, fast, and convenient financial services.

As we look back at the day we traversed without a wallet, we realize that it was not just a day, but a journey towards a more equitable and inclusive society. It begins with the transfer of Rahima- a garment worker’s wages, empowering her with financial security. It continues with the streamlining of Mrs. Rahman’s business operations, helping her grow her venture. And it ends with the UBER rider accepting a digital payment, an emblem of inclusion in the digital economy.

This is the power of a day without a wallet in Bangladesh, a power unleashed by bKash and the MFS industry. As we embrace this power, we step into a future where the jingle of coins is replaced by the beep of a mobile notification, where the weight of a wallet is replaced by the touch of a screen, and where financial exclusion is replaced by digital empowerment.

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