Facebook added ‘Health Alert Bot’ For COVID-19 updates2 min read


Recently, Facebook Collaborated with the WHO to launch a new Health Alert Bot. Thus, This chatbot is now in Messenger and Whatsapp to provide users with the latest and accurate updates about the COVID-19 pandemic.

health alert botIntroducing  The WHO ‘Health Alert Bot’

According to messenger, with support from Sprinklr, The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched an interactive experience on Messenger. Moreover, almost 1.3 billion active Messenger users will get quick answers to their queries from the WHO’s “Health Alert Bot”. Besides that, interactive service on Messenger is free to use.

health alert bot

In like way, clients can get to the new chatbot by means of the WHO Facebook Page or utilizing Messenger link.  Thus, whenever they will effortlessly get the valid data straightforwardly from the WHO. In any case, WhatsApp propelled a similar instrument a month ago. Moreover, it serves government organizations to circulate key updates about the pandemic. Truly, WhatsApp as of now connected with many governments to spread veritable data Since February.

Simultaneously, in vigorously influenced regions informing volume is expanding over half. Also, informing applications are assuming a significant job as a key connective instrument in numerous remote territories. Similarly, including new apparatuses can assume a key job in controlling the episode. For example, Social mindfulness, individual security. Above all, Health Alert Bot is sparing individuals from bits of gossip and misdirecting data.

health alert bot

The tool is relatively basic, but it will help to connect billions of people to critical updates – and Facebook notes that 12 million people have already used the WhatsApp WHO bot.


Furthermore, users can access it by typing “hi”, “hola”, “नमस्ते”, “oi”, “salut”, “ciao” or “مرحبا” to activate the conversation. Then, a menu of options will show up to answer their questions about COVID-19.

In conclusion, The WHO Health Alert will provide official information on topics. Such as, how to protect yourself from infection, travel advice, and debunking Coronavirus myths.

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