Dove Urged Women In Philippines To ‘Raise Your Arms’ for Change in New Campaign1 min read

Dove, in partnership with Ogilvy Singapore, has launched a transformative initiative in the Philippines titled “Raise Your Arms,” which aims to tackle underarm shaming and boost women’s confidence. This campaign honors the bravery of women who have taken a stand for societal change and have positively impacted their communities.

Oove Raise Your Arms 3

The initiative arises from the acknowledgment that underarm shaming is a significant concern affecting women’s self-esteem. Research highlighted in the campaign shows that 80% of Filipino women are reluctant to raise their arms due to insecurities about their underarms. Dove’s mission with this campaign is to reinforce a potent message: positive change is spurred each time women confidently raise their arms.

Oove Raise Your Arms 1

“Raise Your Arms” features bold outdoor posters and a dynamic digital engagement strategy across social media, employing the hashtag #freethepits.

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This encourages women of all ages in the Philippines to celebrate their moments of courage and self-assurance. The campaign promotes the notion of being ‘kili-kili proud,’ embracing underarms as a symbol of resilience and strength.

Oove Raise Your Arms 4

By tackling this specific cultural stigma, “Raise Your Arms” offers a unique and powerful platform for empowerment and societal change, promoting a culture of body positivity that celebrates all aspects of women’s bodies. In doing so, Dove is helping to create a more inclusive atmosphere where every woman can feel proud of her entire self, fostering greater acceptance and confidence.

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