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“Out of the box” is the buzzword for the generation. How different we can be, how innovative we can be, are the actual factors which determines much of our out of the box thinking. Asiatic 3Sixty defined very well with their newest campaign for Radio Shadhin, “Bhalobashar Shomoy”, about how well you can come up with a completely different approach.

For marketing a different kind of content, we need to consider the appropriate time. Because it’s the time factor which states if the audiences are ready for it, or we need to educate though experiencing for making the content sellable. The content’s idea was much of like this; introducing Acapella to the Bangladeshi youths, where the majority of the audience are unware about the fact.

So when the content started off with Acapella Medley, people are already into it. When a YouTube content with an unknown title comes into your suggestion, you are more likely to create a reaction by viewing it.

The pick of the content is pretty simple: representing a very common content with a very different add-on, the Acapella. In case you don’t know what is all about, acapella music is specifically group or solo singing without instrumental accompaniment, or a piece intended to be performed in this way. So music is nothing new right? So what comes into contrast is this different approach of representing music.

The content got the “Silver” title in the First Digital Marketing Summit, an initiative of Bangladesh Brand Forum. The reactions for the content created much audience engagement, reaching out to more than 15000 people on social media platforms.

In this digital era where audiences are bombarded with different contents, it’s really difficult to bring any content into effect. Even after this thistributed behavior, there are great contents with great results. There always exists a space for creating something different, for making a difference, and that is what perfectly shown by this particular content.

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