City Group’s Fol-O Strawberry Candy Sets A Sweet Benchmark With AI-Designed Packaging Debut1 min read

City Group, a leading conglomerate, is proud to introduce an unprecedented innovation in the world of confectionery. Meet Fol-O, the latest addition to the candy lineup, now available with a delectable strawberry flavor and a liquid-filled center that’s set to tantalize taste buds across the nation.

But what truly distinguishes Fol-O is not just its delightful taste but the groundbreaking approach to its packaging. Speech Bubble Communications Ltd, the agency entrusted with this task, has harnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to craft an eye-catching design – a historic first in the Bangladesh candy industry, according to a press release.

The team at Speech Bubble Communications Ltd elucidates, “The process of designing with AI is far from straightforward. It commences with the conception of a creative idea, the formulation of precise prompts, and the essential infusion of human expertise to transform the vision into reality. We owe our gratitude to our visionary client, City Group, for embarking on this pioneering journey with us.”

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The team also shares their experience, stating, “Working with AI posed a formidable challenge, but the rewards were immensely satisfying. It entailed days of conceptualization, countless prompts, and unwavering determination to bring it to fruition.

Abu Jafar Mohd. Nayeem, Director of Confectionery at City Group, notes, “We’re a company driven by innovation, in both products and packaging. We welcomed this idea, as it delivered outstanding results.”

City Group’s Fol-O strawberry candy, with its AI-designed packaging, aims to transform the confectionery market in Bangladesh, demonstrating that creativity and innovation have no limits.

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