Agency of The Decade & You Probably Don’t Even Know Its Name3 min read

If you’re not an avid researcher of global marketing agencies, you probably haven’t heard of Droga5. Although you’ve surely come across HBO’s “For The Throne” campaign that sees us the famous TV series “Game of Thrones” combined with a “Bud Light” commercial.

Arguably what Grey has done for The agency industry in Bangladesh, Droga5 has done it for the whole world. They were the first ones to choose to be humane instead of corporate, engaging instead of information overload and brought strategy and analytics at the table to help businesses thrive.

And it all started with the swoosh of its founder, David Droga. At the age of 22, the same age as yours truly ( who is now feeling bad for his list of achievements in life), Droga became a partner and Creative Director at OMON Sydney.

Droga had a meteoric rise in the advertising and creatives industry and finally decided to build his own legacy in 2006. By the time he was already a known face, so the challenge was to see how high his company could fly. With a consecutive 9 years’ A-list recognition from Ad Age, we can safely say the company was able to fly higher than anyone ever imagined.

To put your perspectives into facts, Droga5 won Adweek’s agency of the decade in 2019 and went on to win Ad Age’s agency of the decade yesterday. During the decade, at which it only started as a start-up, had an annualized average growth at a 30% rate for the whole decade and earned more than 8 times than it did at the start of the decade.

So, how is Droga5 any different than just another agency of the block? Well, in order to understand that, you have to watch some of their works.

This advertisement among other pushes from the Droga5 teams not only uplifted a journalist’s ethics but also brought 1 million digital subscribers after their partnership has been signed.

Recently, Droga5 has made an advertisement for Facebook to battle COVID-19 and you’ll understand what the agency can bring on the table.

Droga5 had a noteworthy moment when it became a partner of the Hollywood famous WME but it reached its climax when it was acquired by Accenture Interactive. Accenture has finally put in large bets into the creative industry, and it seems they made the right choice.

Ad Age has been recognizing brands and adverts since 1930 and they publish a list of “A” rated agencies of the year. This year, Wieden+Kennedy was at the peak with a known name Mindshare resting at five.

With the recent acquisition of Accenture and a surprise leave of its long-term creative director, whether Droga5 continues to push the limit of our imagination, only time can bear its true witness. But, the ride is surely fun for them now!

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