Zareen Premium Tea Inspires The Working Women To Stand Against Stereotypes!1 min read

The marketing and advertising industries have been more about dream than the real world, and female romanticizing as opposed to empowering. Today, be that as it may, we’re seeing an ocean change in the manner in which brands speak to and market to women, fueled by social and political developments.

However, still in various ways our society doesn’t fall behind to shoot our superwomen with their strong negative words.

Zareen Premium Tea, a brand from Ispahani- the veteran giant in the tea industry of Bangladesh, made an attempt to shut down those stereotypes against the working women of our country and inspires them to chase their dream no matter what.

Once you watch the AV, you will see the campaign has a story to tell. All the women in the campaign representing four states of working superwomen, started with all the bullying and stereotypes they encounter while chasing their dream.

In the end, all the women answered why they are hustling to achieve their goal and who were there to inspire to them to make the journey.

Zareen Premium Tea- launched a campaign in the social media inviting all these superwomen to share their story through the Official Facebook Page. Last day of submission is February 20, 2019.

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