The State of Global Internet Usage and Behavior | July 20212 min read

Most businesses at this point are knowledgeable with the results of the COVID-19 pandemic: Faltering disconnected deals, adaptable work-from-anyplace alternatives, fluctuating people strolling through with lockdown orders, and online business turning into a channel many brands wished they had assembled framework for before.

As a record number of purchasers in Southeast Asia move from shopping centers to online platforms like Evaly, Daraz, Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, and Tokopedia, and several f-commerce the advertising dollars are normally streaming in. Developing business sectors are seeing the coming of retail media at the present time.

So, like always -The money is where the consumer is!

And currently, consumers are into the internet more than ever, thanks to the pandemic. Starting from your professional career to your personal space, the internet is everywhere. Although many of us might want to get out of this internet gallery, it’s a certain fact that there is a long-term habit of dependency on the Internet is on its way up.

So, in this article, we are going to have an in-depth look at how the internet world is behaving currently. Let’s have a deep dive-

Overview Of Global Internet Use

According to the data presented by the Digital 2021 July global overview report, here’s how the internet world looks like after the end of June 2021.  To be noted: Internet user numbers no longer include data sourced from social media platforms, so values are not comparable with previous reports.

  • Total number of global internet users: 4.80 billion
  • Internet users as a percentage of the total global population: 60.9%
  • Annual change in the number of global internet users: +5.7% (+257million)
  • Average daily time spent using the internet by each internet user: 6hour 55 min
  • Percentage of users accessing the internet via mobile devices: 92.1%

Different Perspectives: Global Internet Users

Global internet user numbers published by different sources offered for reference and perspective.

  • According to ITU, the global internet users amount to 4.05 billion, which is 51.4% of the global population. [ITU user numbers based on the published penetration figure compared to latest population data from the United Nations.]
  • According to CIA Facebook Data, the global internet users amount to 4.02 billion, which is 51.0% of the global population. [CIA user numbers based on the published penetration figure compared to latest population data from the United Nations.]
  • According to Internet World stat Data, the global internet users amount to 5.17 billion, which is 65.7% of the global population.
  • According to Internet Live stat Data, the global internet users amount to 4.98 billion, which is 63.2% of the global population.

Mobile Internet User Data




Reasons For Using the Internet

There can be many reasons why a person uses the internet. The top three reasons are Finding Information, Staying Connected with Friends & Family, and Keeping Themselves Up to Date with current news and events. Researching about Brands and Products comes at 7th.


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