The Ongoing CGI Revolution Aims To Captivate the Future of Digital Storytelling in Bangladesh7 min read

In Bangladesh’s dynamic advertising industry, a new technological wonder is making a significant impact, altering how companies engage with their customers: Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI).

To jog your memory, consider the recent viral campaign that took social media by storm from Aarong Dairy. It featured their product, Laban, which remarkably seemed to leap out of a billboard, creating an unforgettable experience that likely made a lasting impression on social media audiences.

As we progress further into the 21st century, CGI has emerged as a formidable tool in advertising. It not only captures the audience’s attention but also pushes the limits of creativity. In Bangladesh, this trend is gaining significant momentum, thanks in part to innovative agencies like Jarvis and forward-thinking brands such as Aarong Dairy and Domino’s Bangladesh.

This article delves into the influential role of CGI in revolutionizing advertising. It highlights how agencies like Jarvis, a front-runner in incorporating CGI in Bangladesh, are redefining the industry and enabling brands to bring their promotional and marketing visions to life vividly.

But, first, here is the key question: Why has CGI garnered such global acclaim and established a strong foothold in Bangladesh?

Let’s find the answer!

Shattering the Boundaries of Creativity

CGI opens a realm where creators’ imaginations set the boundaries. Advertisers are empowered to envision grand ideas and bring them to life on a grander scale, transcending the limits of the physical world. This capability allows for the creation of distinctive and impactful campaigns that truly connect with audiences.

Crafting Memorable Visual Narratives

With CGI, advertisers can generate visually breathtaking and ultra-realistic imagery that mesmerizes viewers. This technology breathes life into extraordinary, otherworldly realms and presents products in unprecedented ways. It enables the creation of visually engaging stories that leave a profound and enduring impact on consumers, thereby enhancing the memorability of brand messages.

Customization and Audience Engagement

CGI allows for extensive customization in advertising campaigns. Brands can design unique CGI experiences that cater to particular demographic groups or align with individual tastes. This degree of tailored content heightens the ads’ relevance and increases the likelihood of making a meaningful connection with the intended audience.

Elevating Product Visualization

CGI offers a revolutionary approach for brands with physical products to highlight their merchandise. It enables the visualization of products with remarkable clarity and detail, allowing consumers to examine every characteristic thoroughly. This is especially beneficial in sectors such as fashion, automotive, and electronics, where presenting products in an attractive and detailed manner can greatly sway consumer buying choices.

CGI equips advertisers with the means to remain at the forefront of industry changes and swiftly adapt to evolving trends. It offers a versatile platform that allows for the integration of the latest tech innovations or adjustments in response to consumer taste shifts. This adaptability ensures that advertisers can maintain up-to-date and appealing content without the necessity for constant new filming and production investments.

‘CGI proudly plays a central role in today’s creative industry, and Bangladesh boasts its own talented pool of CGI artists. We’ve just recently demonstrated its full potential (Domino’s and Aarong Dairy CGI campaign) in social media promotion in attracting customers’ attention. The result clearly shows that the new and evolved audience requires something new from the industry to stay relevant. And, it’s vital for more brands and advertising agencies to embrace this trend, utilizing CGI to transcend artistic limits and establish a powerful connection with consumers on social media platforms.’

Monjur Rakib Bhuiyan, Head of Strategy at Jarvis

CGI’s Transformational Impact Across The Industries

In the ever-evolving automotive industry, CGI has become a pivotal element in how vehicles are showcased to customers. Its advanced software provides unmatched accuracy and creative freedom, enabling marketing professionals to weave engaging stories around the latest automobile models. The role of CGI in automotive marketing has evolved beyond traditional methods, offering interactive and immersive experiences to prospective buyers.

In diverse sectors like fashion, food and beverage, entertainment, and real estate, CGI has become a key transformative element, revolutionizing how these industries showcase and market their products and services.

In the world of fashion, CGI has become an indispensable tool, widely used for orchestrating virtual fashion shows, crafting lifelike digital models, and generating dynamic visual content for marketing efforts. It facilitates quick prototyping, virtual fitting rooms, and engaging brand experiences, thereby transforming how fashion is showcased, promoted, and interacted with in the digital era.

CGI food rendering offers a solution by producing appetizing visuals without the worry of ice cream melting or burgers becoming soggy. High-quality CGI food images go beyond mere visual appeal; they become the focal point of effective CGI food marketing campaigns. And sometimes, creative use of elements related to, but not exclusively food, can significantly enhance the promotion of your brand or restaurant, making it more distinctive and appealing to customers. For example, one of the recent ones from Domino’s by Jarvis using their legendary pizza box. Have a look:

These are just a few industries we tried to shed some light on. But we can use this new trend, especially in Bangladesh with every industry possible. For example, the steel industry spends its marketing money to promote mainly one core message- ‘Their Product is Safe and Strong to be used in infrastructures.’  How about a campaign where ‘Hulk’ or someone heavy like that holding a building standing on a steel base of that company? Sounds a bit funny or weird but when it’s done it’s cool, catchy, and social media share-worthy to generate a buzz.

And why do brands spend money on social media mostly? To create a positive conversation among the audience and in short- take a space in customers’ attention span!

And, now we can say for certainty that currently CGI has the exact impact being the new entrant in the market. So, as a brand one must take advantage of this as soon as possible. Why? Because let’s face it soon everyone will do it and once again it will become mainstream.

‘In the current landscape dominated by Reels and Shorts, CGI video activation stands out as an effective method to grab consumer attention and convey messages powerfully. Given the limited availability of CGI resources, any content created using CGI tends to receive heightened exposure. This situation highlights the pressing need to address the growing demand for CGI, aiming to captivate consumers with creative and innovative product promotion strategies.’

-Monjur Rakib Bhuiyan, added Head of Strategy at Jarvis.

As we witness CGI reshaping the contours of digital storytelling, the question for industry leaders becomes not just about adopting the technology, but how creatively and effectively they can leverage it to capture the imagination of a global audience. The challenge and opportunity lie in transforming CGI from a mere visual tool into a strategic storytelling medium that can elevate brand narratives to new heights, making every interaction an immersive and memorable experience.

The industry stands at the brink of a new era where CGI is the bridge between creative ambition and digital reality. Embracing this technology means stepping into a future where the only limits are those of imagination, and where every brand has the potential to become a digital maestro, crafting experiences that resonate deeply and enduringly with consumers.

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