Mobile Phone Production Sees Dive in September in Bangladesh2 min read

Mobile phone manufacturing and imports in Bangladesh are changing significantly, with recent data from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) indicating notable shifts. In September 2023, mobile phone production in Bangladesh decreased to 2.2 million units, down by 166,000 units from August.

Notably, there was a substantial surge in 5G smartphones, with a jump of 28,600 units in September, totaling 29,000 units, a substantial increase from just 400 units in August 2023.

Breaking down the September production, the majority of mobile phones (1.7 million units) featured 2G technology, while 451,000 units boasted 4G technology, underlining the enduring popularity of feature phones. Smartphones constituted 22.16% of the production, demonstrating continued consumer demand for more advanced devices. Notably, there has been a consistent increase in feature phone manufacturing since April, except for a dip in August.

In September 2023, Bangladesh witnessed a substantial influx of mobile phone imports, reaching 19,107 units, marking the highest figure in over a year, since September 2022. This import surge underscores evolving consumer preferences, with feature phones accounting for 78.91% of the imported units, while smartphones comprising 21.49%, reflecting changing dynamics in the Bangladeshi mobile phone market.

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Notably, BTRC data indicates that there has been no production of 3G mobile phones in Bangladesh since January 2023, pointing towards the gradual phasing out of this technology in the market as consumers embrace newer and more advanced options.

The mobile phone industry in Bangladesh stands at a pivotal juncture, with evolving technology and consumer preferences. Stakeholders must vigilantly track these trends to adapt to the market’s changing dynamics.

Feature phones, while experiencing fluctuations, still lead to production. However, the remarkable increase in 5G production and record-breaking imports signify a diverse market. The absence of 3G production underscores rapid technological shifts. Adapting to changing market conditions is vital as the industry advances.

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