Domino’s Ramadan Campaign | The Perfect Blend of CSR and Tech Innovation3 min read

If you are one of those who lives and breathes around social media (90% of us all), you probably already got the idea about the campaign we are talking about. No wonder why! The campaign already generated significant hype amongst the audience.

Yes, folks! We are talking about Domino’s recent AR Integrated Ramadan Pizza Box and Giveaway campaign.

The Campaign

Without any doubt, just like all of us, you also got bombarded with all those BOGO offers from numerous restaurant chains ahead of Ramadan. But Domino’s Pizza Bangladesh had different plans. With #বক্সেছড়াইউৎসবেরখুশি  motto, it came up with a fascinating giveaway offer where you can feed one underprivileged person every time you buy and get a Domino’s Pizza through delivery order.


How cool is that? But don’t worry, Domino’s hasn’t let you go uncovered as well. You just have to use the code ‘KHUSHI’ while ordering from Domino’s Pizza App or Website worth BDT 1000 or more and you might be getting a surprise from Domino’s along with your ordered Pizza.

Worth a try? Wait, there’s more! And, this one really created significant buzz among the audience base already. So, what’s it all about?

Do one thing, order a pizza from Domino’s and scan the QR code on the box and we bet, you will be amazed.

Domino’s just took a huge extra step to make your pizza experience mesmerizing with the introduction of its new-

AR integrated pizza box.

Yes, you heard it right.

What we like about the box along with the AR integration is the design. Conceptualized by Jarvis Digital Ltd, Domino’s gave us an authentic Ramadan experience with the daily life stories from the time. If you look closely at the new box  

Have a look at this reaction from Raba Khan and you can have a clear picture:


And, btw the jingle was refreshing as well.

Why This Campaign Got Our Attention

First, the offer itself- Buy 1 Give 1, made a significant shout-out in the crowd of all the BOGO offers. Secondly, the box itself was a pure attention grabber. However, the best thing about the campaign was its execution. Here’s why:

With the motto of #বক্সেছড়াইউৎসবেরখুশি, it was quite clear that Domino’s dedicated this Ramadan to spread happiness among everyone by making their customers delighted with all those new boxes. And finally, the AR integration was just spot on to hike up the hype and get enough social media engagement which will eventually encourage more people to give the offer a try, resulting in more help or a box of smiles on the way for all those underprivileged ones.

A perfect blend of Innovation and Impact CSR! Brilliantly done!

So, here was our take on the new Ramadan campaign from Domino’s Bangladesh. When are you going to give it a try? And when you do, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts!

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