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As soon as the world experienced the COVID-19, we had to say goodbye to the normality. Not to mention, COVID continued proceeding to overturn regular rhythms of life. As desperate time requires desperate measures, people around the world got innovative too. In the absence of busy schedules, people became enthusiastic about social media challenges to keep themselves entertained.

In effect, innumerable challenges and opinions flooded our timelines every now and then. Namely, from ‘Dalgona Coffee’ to ‘First Impression Challenge’, we came across a long way of 2020 and this unusual is the new usual. Meanwhile, a top-notch local brand is currently enjoying some free promotion-all thanks to their valued consumer.

Yes, folks, I am talking about the ongoing #bKash_Send_Money_Challenge.

As one of the spokespersons from bKash has confirmed Markedium that there was no involvement from bKash in initiating the hashtag, we all can agree on the fact that this was something special for bKash from their users.

As a brand, every now and then companies initiate campaigns to have a viral impact. But when the users do the job for the company, it surely means the brand has done something right over the period. Hence, kudos to bKash!

In fact, people are so under its vibe that they are sharing their bKash personal numbers or their QR codes to their close ones by tagging them. In addition, the main purpose of sending money is more fun now. I’m pretty sure you have also seen such statuses from your friends on Facebook over the past 48 hours! As we write this piece right now, approximately 4.4K Facebook audience has already taken part in #bKash_Send_Money_Challenge.

Here are some snippets!

bk3bk 2

Having said all that, such user-generated trends also indicate the positive level of acceptance shown from the customers towards the brand. Therefore, the leading MFS giant of the country surely deserves a huge round of applause.

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