BABULAND: The Story of Spreading Happiness.3 min read

Babuland recently held a seminar shedding light on the aftermaths of physical and mental stress imposed on children by contemporary urban lifestyles, and the importance of a stress-free childhood in ensuring a positive impact on children. The seminar was held on today, at Babuland’s Badda branch.

Babuland, the country’s largest chain of indoor playgrounds serving almost 40,000 children per month, held the seminar to essentially discuss the importance of children’s proper physical, mental, and social development in modern times. Children should ideally grow up amidst greeneries and fresh air, but now such a scenario is a rare find among the modern cities filled with skyscrapers. This accounts for a major hindrance to the proper physical, mental and social growth of children. Participants at the Babuland seminar expressed their grave concern on this issue and urged everyone to look for ways to overcome it.

Key persons from Babuland management attended the event. Also, were present company Investors, Business Partners and Media Personnel.

Babuland Co-Founder & Chairman Ishnad Chowdhury said, “Dhaka City only has 294 acres of playground against a requirement of 1876 acres, which is only a mere 16%. Consequently, 77% of children are deprived of sufficient physical exercise, every day. Eventually, this leads to risks of illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes or even mental depression. We are here to help society to fill this gap and impact physical and mental development of the next generation by providing safe and hygienic indoor playgrounds”.

According to a survey conducted by the Bangladesh Institute of Planners (BIP) on the current population of Bangladesh, areas under the jurisdiction of two city corporations of Dhaka city consist of only 235 playgrounds, against a requirement of 2400. To fill in that gap, children are alarmingly becoming addicted to smart devices, which is also causing significant psychological harm to them. According to research institutes like We Are Social and Hootsuite, children spend at least 5-6 hours a day on the internet. Such interruption in the psychological development from such a young age may push these children towards becoming depressed and suicidal. Besides, a survey by Aachol Foundation says that out of 364 students who committed suicide within the first eight months of this year, 194 (53.30 percent) were school students. Besides informative discussions regarding the mentioned topics, the seminar also underlines various issues, including urbanization, traffic congestion, noise pollution, etc., which stand as barriers against children’s healthy development. The seminar ended with an open call to take these issues into account and work together for a bright future for the next generations.

It is mentionable that Babuland set out on its journey in 2018 to provide safe, hygienic, and accessible play space for children, with the commitment to provide some relief to children and their parents. Babuland’s unique approach not only provides a play space and entertainment but all the branches are also designed and managed to put special focus on the mental, physical and social development of children. Further, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Anamul Haque said “We have developed the Babuland Science to ensure service and proper care of children. We appoint passionate “Happy Helpers” in our branches and heavily invest in training them for service excellence”. Moreover, Babuland also organizes super fun events with a focus on local culture, activities to build good habits, and activity classes frequently.

At present, Babuland has four branches in the capital Badda, Mirpur, Uttara, and Wari. It has recently received an investment of BDT 40 million from a consortium of angel investors, which shall help the brand to expand its services across the nation and to launch its franchise model to spread happiness even faster.

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