All Videos In TikTok Will Have Auto-Captions2 min read

In a significant stride toward inclusivity and enhanced accessibility, TikTok is gearing up to revolutionize the user experience. Get ready for an exciting change as auto captions become the default setting for all videos on the platform, starting next month.

TikTok is sending a clear message: they’re committed to ensuring everyone can enjoy and engage with content on their platform. Previously, users had the option to manually activate auto-captions to make videos more accessible. However, TikTok is taking the initiative by making auto-captions standard on all videos. The days of toggling “Allow auto-captions” during the upload process are numbered.

What’s more, users will have the liberty to tweak the captions authorization status for videos posted before November, maintaining flexibility while driving accessibility forward. This shift is all about breaking down language barriers, making TikTok a global stage where linguistic differences don’t hinder content consumption.

But what’s in it for creators? Well, they still hold the reins when it comes to captions, with the power to edit and delete them after posting. However, they won’t have the choice to opt out of this feature. As a result, you can expect to see a lot more TikTok videos adorned with text captions, opening up new dimensions of accessibility.

TikTok’s default auto-captions aid users with hearing impairments and those who watch soundless videos, but the processing demands should be noted. Initially in English, the feature will extend to more languages, following an industry trend for better content accessibility. Unlike YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, auto-captions are not yet a standard default for all videos.

As the TikTok soundscape evolves, this change promises to usher in a new era of inclusivity, where the language is no longer a barrier to the magic of short-form video content. Get ready for a more accessible, vibrant, and engaging TikTok experience!

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