Unlocking Success on Threads: Meta’s Insights for Optimal Engagement2 min read

As the popularity of Threads continues to surge, businesses are keen to unravel the secrets of success on Meta’s platform. Meta’s Marketing Director, Jacki Pimentel, shared valuable insights at a recent CreatorIQ Connect conference in LA, shedding light on what works on Threads and how brands can maximize engagement in this evolving space.

Pimentel emphasized the pivotal role of conversation in driving successful content on Threads, stating, “The content that’s working is conversation starters. We see a lot more engagement on Threads on content that’s a conversation starter. We are prompting people to respond, and we want people to respond.” This aligns with common social media engagement strategies where conversation prompts encourage users to share their thoughts and perspectives.

Contrary to traditional social media norms, where emotionally-triggering content often garners high engagement, Meta is actively fostering positive interactions on Threads. This signals a shift away from emotionally-charged content and a focus on constructive in-stream engagement. While emotional triggers have historically propelled content to go viral, Meta appears to be building an algorithm that prioritizes positivity.

The algorithm on Threads might assign different weightings to various types of engagement. Comments and likes together may carry more weight as indicators of positive interaction, while shares may serve as a distinct marker of engagement. Meta’s data-driven approach aims to create an algorithm aligned with positive engagement, favoring direct user interaction and comments over simple reposts.

Notably, the impact of “Dear algorithm” posts, a common feature on Threads, has been clarified by Meta. Sharing these posts does not influence the content users ultimately see on Threads. The personalized For You feed takes into account various user signals, including interactions on both Threads and Instagram, given Threads’ integration with the Instagram API.

Threads is leveraging Instagram engagement as an indicator of user preferences. While this connection may not be a perfect proxy, as Instagram and Threads cater to different purposes, the Threads team is working towards optimizing each user’s feed based on Threads activity alone. This involves leveraging engagement metrics and testing topic tags, currently in trial in Australia, to better understand Threads-specific interests.

While these insights offer valuable considerations for engagement on Threads, it’s crucial to recognize that the platform is continuously evolving. Brands are encouraged to stay informed about updates and tailor their strategies to align with positive interactions, enhancing their presence on the dynamic Threads platform.

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