Scooter Demand Surges as Riders Pursue Comfort2 min read

Since the onset of 2024, scooter sales in Bangladesh have experienced a significant upturn, fueled by a growing preference for safe and comfortable commuting options among both men and women. This surge in demand has been reported by retailers across the country, with year-on-year sales increasing by as much as 65% since January.

The appeal of scooters extends beyond mere affordability, with many consumers viewing them as a fashionable mode of transportation. This shift in perception has contributed to the burgeoning popularity of scooters, prompting a rise in imports to meet market demand. TVS Motor Company, a Chennai-based multinational manufacturer, leads the scooter market in Bangladesh, capturing approximately 40% of industry share. Suzuki follows closely behind, holding a 30% stake. Other prominent global and local brands, including Yamaha, Honda, Hero Honda, Runner, and Walton, also contribute to the thriving scooter market.

Industry experts note that monthly scooter sales have surged from an average of 622 units to 875 units since January 2024. Hafizur Rahman, Chairman of Runner Group, emphasizes that both electric and fossil fuel-run scooters have witnessed remarkable growth, attributing this trend to the vehicle’s perceived safety and comfort advantages over motorcycles. AKM Tauhidur Rahman, Chief Operating Officer at Suzuki Bangladesh, highlights the significant increase in Suzuki scooter sales since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, Biplob Kumar Roy, CEO of TVS Auto Bangladesh, reports a substantial 65% year-on-year increase in TVS scooter sales over the last three months.

Urbanization has played a pivotal role in driving the demand for personal transportation options, with scooters emerging as a convenient and affordable solution for commuters. Despite the impressive sales growth, scooters currently represent only a 2% share of the total motorcycle market in Bangladesh. In response to the growing demand, manufacturers are launching new and updated scooter models to expand their market presence. This concerted effort underscores the industry’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of Bangladeshi consumers and solidifying scooters as a preferred mode of transportation in the country.

As the scooter market continues to flourish, industry stakeholders remain optimistic about its long-term growth potential, driven by factors such as urbanization, changing consumer preferences, and ongoing innovation in scooter technology.

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