Canva Launches ‘Enterprise’ Edition with New Features2 min read

Canva is a widely-used graphic design platform, has unveiled a host of new features and updates, including the launch of a new Enterprise edition aimed at large organizations. This new subscription tier offers advanced features for managing brand assets, security, and administrative controls, streamlining the design process for businesses and ensuring consistency and efficiency across teams. The Enterprise edition is designed to meet the needs of larger organizations, providing the necessary tools to maintain brand integrity and improve collaborative efforts.

In addition to the Enterprise edition, Canva has introduced ‘Canva Courses,’ a feature that allows users to convert their designs into interactive courses. This new tool includes a central dashboard for tracking progress, making it an effective solution for training and educational purposes. Canva Courses enhances the platform’s capability to support learning and development, allowing users to create and manage educational content seamlessly.

Canva Work Kits is another new feature that provides teams with access to pre-approved brand assets, templates, and fonts, ensuring cohesive and consistent brand messaging. This tool is expected to enhance collaboration and maintain brand integrity across all design projects. By offering these resources, Canva Work Kits helps teams work more efficiently and effectively, ensuring that all design outputs align with the organization’s branding guidelines.

The platform has also introduced several AI-powered updates, such as ‘Magic Media,’ which is Canva’s new image and video generation tool, and an upgraded ‘Magic Write,’ which generates text tailored to the user’s tone of voice. Additionally, the ‘Styles‘ feature helps users match their designs to their brand’s aesthetics, and the ‘Resize & Magic Switch‘ tool allows for easy conversion of any Canva design into a personalized document. These AI-driven features are designed to simplify the design process and enhance user creativity.

Canva’s video editor has received significant upgrades as well, with new AI-driven features to enhance video creation and editing. The ‘Highlights’ tool uses AI to capture the best parts of any video, creating short and engaging clips, while the ‘Enhance Voice‘ feature improves audio quality by removing background noise. These updates reflect Canva’s commitment to providing powerful, user-friendly tools that cater to a wide range of design needs, solidifying its position as a leading graphic design platform.

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