BeReal Unveils Major Update Introducing Video Posts, Group Chats, and Tagging Features2 min read

In light of the latest Pew Research on teen social media usage revealing sustained engagement, BeReal announces a comprehensive feature update. The platform now incorporates live photo functionality, providing users with brief video snippets in each update for a more authentic experience. As reported, the new “Behind the Scenes” feature captures moments leading up to a photo, offering friends a glimpse into the context of each BeReal update.

Additionally, BeReal introduces “RealGroups,” a feature akin to group chats within the app. Users can create RealGroups for various purposes, from planning family celebrations to connecting with friends during college. However, users are limited to creating only two RealGroups, requiring strategic selection.

Tagging functionality is another notable addition, allowing users to tag friends in their updates. Furthermore, users have the ability to repost any content they are tagged in, enhancing collaborative engagement on the platform. Reportedly, BeReal’s ambitious 2023 Recap activation is set to launch next week, providing users with a retrospective look at their BeReal posts throughout the year.

Despite BeReal experiencing a slowdown in growth and a shift in user dynamics, the platform persists in evolving its features. As reported, once boasting over 70 million monthly active users, the app now reports 25 million daily actives, showcasing growth from the reported 20 million daily actives in April. Although direct comparisons between monthly and daily user numbers are challenging, industry averages suggest BeReal likely hovers around 50 million monthly active users presently.

While BeReal is not regaining its previous peak, the steady growth and engaged user base of 25 million daily users position it as a viable platform. As BeReal continues to enhance functionality, it has the potential to carve out a niche communications role and become a more integral platform for specific communities. However, it’s improbable for BeReal to emerge as a major player, and its relevance for brands may remain limited. Notably, Hootsuite’s recent trends report highlights BeReal as a platform where marketers are seeing ROI, indicating potential value despite uncertainties about the specifics.

BeReal’s latest update signifies its commitment to evolving and adapting to user preferences, positioning itself for potential growth in niche markets.

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