Pathao and Realme collaborated to launch the ‘Pathao Bajimaat’ campaign.

Pathao has collaborated with Realme to launch the ‘Pathao Bajimaat’ campaign. 

According to a press release, the company has provided appealing deals for Pathao bike riders, auto captains, and foodmen as part of this promotion. 

Pathao Bike Riders, Pathao Car Captains, and Pathao Foodmen will all be able to enter a weekly contest to win the brand-new Realme C30 smartphone beginning on October 24.

This phone has a CPU with a more than 200,000 AnTuTu score, a lovely design, a huge display, and a massive battery for the first time in an entry-level phone. This thrilling campaign will run until November 13. 

Pathao Riders, Captains, and Foodmen in Dhaka and Chittagong can win a beautifully designed smartphone called the ‘Realme C30’ by providing the best possible ride service and food delivery. Every week, there are three riders (two from Dhaka and one from Chittagong), one captain, and two foodmen. 

A total of six cell phones will be given away. Throughout the campaign, nine riders, three captains, and six foodmen will each receive one of 18 cellphones.

On November 3, the winners of Week One of the three-week campaign will be announced.

The second week’s winners will be announced on November 10th, and the final week’s winners will be announced on November 17th. 

The Pathao office will contact the campaign winners personally. Pathao management may also terminate users’ participation if they violate the campaign’s regulations.

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